Building Information Modeling 4D

BIM technology provides a lot of useful options to constructors, builders, owners, designers, and other parts of the construction process. A set of computer models is linked to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process on a current stage represents the picture in real-time.

4D modeling is suitable for project planning and construction in progress.

Features: 4D BIM and sustainability

A 4D construction model is usually very detailed and includes the construction sequence, access equipment, safety equipment, permanent and temporary works, and a site survey. As the construction industry continues its steady march towards greater digitalization, interest in 4-6D is growing as the best way to plan, explain, control is considered and report on construction projects

This is where 4D technology can help reduce the amount embodied carbon (CO2) produced as a result of production, transportation and assembly of the building. During the life cycle plan more carefully and use just in time delivery, the desired number of components can be delivered to the site at the right time, helping significantly reduce the amount of emissions. Moreover, by applying LEAN methodologies for AEC, industry can further improve efficiency and reduce waste of resources.

4D for as-built of maintain stages:

  • Accurate record of the build process 
  • Time-stamped snapshot of your construction site 
  • Leverage data during disputes and claims
  • Reduce carbon from manufacturing, transportation and assembly of buildings 
  • Reduce waste with better planning 
  • Benefit from just-in-time and LEAN methodologies

Look at our example:

With 4D modeling, the owner will be able to take the best options of BIM on a planning level.

Quality visualization will be useful for both the holder and the contractor. It’s a convenient way to compare the project plan with the real situation.

Besides designing options, BIM can optimize management operations. If BIM goes with the construction timetable, it turns into a powerful BIM 4D modeling tool.

One more benefit of BIM development – saving both time and effort. If a contractor will have access to a 4D model, the quantity of RFIs about changes implementation will significantly reduce.

Advantages of BIM technology

BIM 4D modeling provides the following benefits:

  1. Better quality of design documentation – the sequence of operations is strictly controlled which minimizes issues concerned with the sequence loss.
  2. Optimized cost planning of object use duty to ongoing tasks.
  3. Better time management helps to reduce the period in general.
  4. Higher accuracy of evaluating safety and security level.
  5. Improving the ability to monitor the current progress and its comparison with the plan expectations.
  6. Quick and transparent issues identification for fast resolving.

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