BIM Management

BIM manager specialists of PMTech Group will take responsibility or managing in accordance with your requirements. We are working with all types of buildings on any stage – design, building, operation.

By ordering BIM management services, you’re getting the support of experienced BIM experts who know how to work for great results.

Certified BIM management may cover:

  • verification, audit, and analysis of BIMs created by your project team members. We also control the overall BIM management for your objects;
  • support for your Revit projects and quality communication with providers of technological means;
  • project management on all stages, risks, and quality evaluation during the lifecycle;
  • providing a CDE (common data environment) within a project’s ecosystem that is necessary for a consistent workflow.

BIM Planning

Our consistent approach covers:

  • planning;
  • execution;
  • operation.

The whole lifecycle of building information modeling is maintained for objects and infrastructures. Our team is choosing various planning strategies individually for each case. We are adapting the scope and a certain strategy to meet the requirements of the project’s owner.

To achieve the best results, we’re working with professional certified software. Expert work in all disciplines is devoted to one and the same model that provides insurance of the highest standards. And the smallest mistake may turn out to be very costly, so it’s important to avoid it before head

BIM planning services:

  • construction projects modeling from the starting point;
  • inventory models preparation with the help of laser scanners and drones – it’s the basis for reconstruction and redevelopment;
  • digital twins visualization with VR and Ar (virtual reality and augmented reality);
  • making simulations based on models;
  • BIM 360 planning (BIM 360 plan software helps to avoid delays, optimize overall costs, make rational counts);
  • requirements checking on the rule basis for assurance optimization (such parameters as collisions, safe distances, quality of models, etc.);
  • building information planning oriented on the product (data from the manufacturer is used within the models);
  • filling databases with COBie/SQL, etc.;
  • preparation of BIMs to further stages;
  • development of efficient applications that meet customers’ needs.

Revit BIM Modeling Services

Revit modeling services include independent audit and evaluation of Revit BIMs created by your team members. Thus, you’ll be able to decide whether to sign the project.

RFI (requests for information) or RFC (requests for a change) may be sent on the basis:

  • contract specifications, requirements on the project;
  • standards set on a local or international level.

For any questions, we kindly ask you to contact our specialists. Our manager will provide you with all the necessary detail, including the average pricing for our services. You can order the full range of services or choose the required ones. Our main goal is the prosperous development of your projects.