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BIM Programming

Automatization of design processes and development of building information modeling can be rather helpful for getting more quality projects in general.

Project specialists on all levels are trying to find possible ways for simplifying typical operations and routine tasks. Designing software of the latest generation can be used for developing customized plugins for APIs and languages of programming. For instance, Revit Autodesk APIs can work with any language.

Dynamo Autodesk with open source is a relevant solution for engineers who want to avoid writing IT codes. But Dynamo isn’t considered a real language. This efficient tool is available to a wide audience. As Dynamo was incepted as an add-on BIM in Revit, it turned into a really useful tool for automatization. Designers use this platform for learning visual BIM programming, solving issues, and developing tools of their own.

List of Services

BIM programming services include:

  • developing apps for the software for further use in Revit Autodesk and Tekla Structures;
  • Dynamo scripts;
  • processing Revit data through Autodesk Revit and Tekla Structures API.

Presently, Dynamo is used for processing elements in Revit. New software packages are being developed for other programs such as Tekla, Microsoft Office, etc. In fact, Grasshopper or Dynamo can be used with any solution that has opened API.

Abilities of Dynamo

PMtech uses Dynamo for solving the following issues:

  • export and import files in different formats (txt*, jpeg*, excel, etc.);
  • copy and move elements in Revit;
  • open Revit files;
  • create connections with database in SQL;
  • consistent work with specifications;
  • workflow management;
  • developing of diagrams and statistic data out of 2D files.

Interaction with a Customer

PMtech team is actively analyzing the workflows to develop smart solutions in accordance with the software automatization. Together with BIM programming, such an approach allows us to provide solutions that meets the customer’s requirements.

Workflows and Solutions

Our solutions help to increase the quality of the workflows. They can be used in architectural, construction, and engineering sectors that are working with BIM technology. We can offer professional support for achieving higher results.

Tasks Automatization

PMtech experts will figure out the repetitive tasks to develop the ways for their optimization.

Automatized Documents and Reports Processing

You’ll be able to generate analytics, make counts, and work with documents and various project data automatically.

Component Adaptation

Revit environments are actively used for developing the intelligent families that are easy for understanding and use by the final user working with the project.

Revit API Development

Once Dynamo can’t solve the tasks of visual programming, we offer using the same initial code within Revit API

If you have any questions, we kindly ask you to contact our specialists.