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Revit API. How does it work?

Specialists from PMtech Group offer a detailed guide for those who want to work with Revit API. In addition to the Revit API development, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the typical tasks and operations.

The basic features

Revit API Autodesk will be useful for programmers working with building information modeling (BIM). All operations can be implemented directly or by accessing data for certain actions. Revit API can be a useful tool for experienced developers. It is an effective way to create specialized customization methods.

Programming language

Revit Autodesk is based on a net.api so you can choose any programming language that consists of C # / .NET, Python, etc. Each language has both advantages and disadvantages. C # (.NET) is considered the most popular. Its advantages are the following:

  • easy handling;
  • simple interface.
  • Benefits of Revit API
  • Github document control

By ordering the development service Revit API, you will be able to automate the repetitive actions, expand the basic set of functions, etc. NET. Revit API can be used with any example or code.


Education and support. Our offer

PMtech Sweden offers Revit API development and professional support in Estonia. Expert training and all associated services meet international requirements and standards. You can order a course so that your experienced team members learn how to use the basic functions of the software.


Scope of work:

  1. An overview of the problems solved by PMtech Sweden’s engineering team at Dynamo.
  2. Import / export Excel, txt, csv, jpeg.
  3. Creation of curved geometry. Creation of elements in Revit (walls, floors, pillars, beams, placed elements, text, 2D joining of the elements)
  4. Copy and move elements in Revi
  5. Create views, sheets, add views to sheets. Create and edit specifications.
  6. Add general parameters to the project, create general parameters.
  7. Communication with SQL database
  8. Open a Revit file
  9. Reinforcement of elements in Revit.
  10. Convert DWG Elements to Revit Elements
  11. Job set management.
  12. Creation of static specifications and diagrams from 2D lines, 2D elements and text.


Examples of our automation tools Revit.

Copy parameters from element to element

“Revit. Copy parameters from element to element ”- plugin to copy the same parameters from one element to another with attributive filling of the model. Using specifications does not solve the problem, as it is possible to find an item only visually

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