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PMtech Group (PMtech Engineering OÜ, PMtech Sverige AB) offers long-term joint cooperation for companies from different industries to gain a unique experience, and implement the most innovative engineering and design solutions, taking into account the characteristics and needs of clients to provide BIM design services in European Region: Estonia, Latvia, Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway).                                              

PMtech Group is certified as compliant with ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 19650 (BIM Design and Construction). BIM strategy, BIM consultancy, BIM coordination, BIM requirement preparation, BIM methodologies and processes underlie our Digital Engineering, Project Management and Consulting services.

Expanding our technology arsenal in PMtech Group with Trimble Connect, BIM360, Solibri coordination software, CRM and Trello boards, and Power BI visualization tool. In project work, we solve the well-known problems of project management – the problem of late integration of clients, and the problem of poor teamwork. and the problem of the unstructured coordination plan. The correct and critical integration of technology tools within Agile helps us to find more and more similarities between IT industries and AEC industries in the era of digital transformation.

To order a BIM consultancy service, precast concrete design or digital twin project, send us the terms of reference (EIR, BEP, brief, etc.) to the following email:

Tekla Structures Tutorial<br />

Tekla Structures Tutorial

We are a licenced trainer of Tekla Structures software (2019-2022).

The course will help to improve the efficiency of interaction with the related specialists involved in the implementation of the project, as well as explain the basics and details of the design process in the Tekla Structures environment.

During our work, our PMtech Group specialists found a large number of opportunities for automation and API development of plug-ins and applications for BIM and FEA platforms: Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit.