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What is the API in Tekla?

PMtech helps maximize Tekla Structures’ efficiency and BIM workflow for Tekla Structures users.



Specially developed tools help your Tekla users become more productive by being able to work faster and with fewer mistakes. In many cases, it is faster, easier and even cheaper to buy a finished tool than to try to develop it yourself.



We help build your company a custom Tekla environment according to your needs and standards. For example, modeling rules with pre-saved settings, report templates and different types of drawing layouts with automated marks and dimensions.

Our benefits?

Main task Do you want to start using Tekla to its full potential as quickly and as easily as possible? Give your business a huge boost at the beginning of your Tekla journey by using the Firm Environment template to establish your new environment almost instantly.

Description Although Tekla Structures is one of the best and most capable structural BIM modeling tools on the market, it requires some enterprise-level localization to be able to use it to its full potential.

This package gives you an optimal business environment as a basis so that you can start working as soon as possible. If you already have a business environment, this package will give you many add-ons to enhance your existing installation. Some changes may be needed, but do not worry;

If you need we can help you.

PMtech BIM-programming services
  • Develop software applications (C #, .NET) to be used in Tekla Structures open API;
  • Develop software applications (C #, .NET or Python) plugins for use in Tekla Structures;
  • Dynamo, grasshopper script;
  • Revit computers via Autodesk Revit API;
  • Tekla Structures data processing through the Tekla Structures API.


Examples of our automation tools Tekla Structures (open API).

Automatic bridge design modeling with Tekla API.

An algorithm that, based on initial data, models the required number of spans with a given width of the bridge, with the ability to change the cross section of the bearing elements and fill the space between them