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Energy Performance. Energy Audit. LEED/BREAM

PMtech Engineering provides its clients with services encompassing preliminary audits, which aim to assess energy consumption, technical processes, and utilities in order to lower expenses and enhance the energy efficiency of the entire building infrastructure.

Analytical Audit:
This type of audit is comprehensive and in-depth, following the guidelines set by the European Union directives.

Analysis of Energy Consumption:
The audit includes assessing energy consumption patterns and identifying opportunities for energy savings.

Estimation of Investments, Return on Investment, and Commercial Proposals:
Cost estimates are provided, evaluating the returns on investment, and presenting commercial proposals to optimize energy usage.

Conducting Energy Audits:
The audit process involves conducting energy audits using the approved methodology by the Energy Agency.

Reporting and Implementation Guidance:
Detailed reports are prepared, providing recommendations and offering guidance on implementing the suggested measures.

Technologies for Auditing Buildings and Transportation:
State-of-the-art technologies are employed for auditing buildings and transportation systems to ensure thorough analysis and optimization.