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Structural design

Our main service in the field of structural solutions is technical design and construction 3D modelling of buildings and structures for civil purposes made of cast-in-place, precast concrete or steel structures.

The high qualification of our specialists allows us to successfully carry out projects for the design of structures of any complexity and purpose. Design and calculation of structures are performed using a combination of software products Robot Structural Analysis Commercial Building, Dlubal RFEM or RSTAB, Tekla Structures and etc.

Structural design (steel and concrete)

• Analysis and detailing of structural solutions, integration of structural solutions that optimize projects and reduce project implementation time.

• Structural calculations, and reports. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) structural analysis and design solutions simulate responses to wind, snow, water, seismic, blast, dead, live, and moving loads, or other dynamic, nonlinear loading conditions.

• BIM modelling of precast and monolithic steel structures (LOD 200-500).

• Development of the general arrangement drawings (GA), workshop drawings (WSD), and analysis of the structure.