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Industrial Facility

Designing industrial buildings is all about creating functional spaces for your business. Industrial buildings may need space for equipment, office space for staff, and storage space for inventory. Designing industrial buildings involves meeting current needs as well as planning for the future growth of the site. As engineering consultants, we can help you develop steel-intensive structural solutions for your building.


Social Building

Developed by PMtech Engineering, the design of social and housing developments cannot be implemented without a detailed analysis of community expectations, cultural, economic, urban planning and architectural requirements. This proposal takes into account the contemporary realities of urban life, gives the area a new identity while integrating the diversity currently lacking at all scales of the project.


Civil Facility

Our civil, structural engineers design, build and construct projects and systems in the public and private sectors, including roads, buildings, tunnels, water supply and wastewater treatment systems. Civil engineers check projects for regulatory compliance. Engineers provide the link between science and society. In this role, engineers help to actively facilitate and participate in interdisciplinary teams with other professionals, working with the communities served and affected to effectively address sustainable development issues and challenges.


Commercial building

Digital smart and BIM technology in commercial design are increasing the efficiency of collaboration between all parties involved in the construction process. Comprehensive solutions for automating design and collaboration processes using BIM technology enable data to be accumulated, exchanged quickly and informed decisions to be made. By combining state-of-the-art IT developments with proven methodologies tailored to customer needs, deadlines are shortened, risks and costs are reduced and productivity is increased.


Timber and CLT buildings

Cross-laminated timber can be used for floor slabs, roof slabs and wall panels. Residential timber construction is a treated wood product with superior strength and stability that offers new unique possibilities and unprecedented advantages in timber construction.