5D BIM modeling

PMtech Group offers services of creating visualized computer models of a construction project in 5D. Such computer models contain detailed information that is required for holders, designers, managers, constructors, and other members of the process.

Same as 3D, 5D BIM detailing is created on CAD models and real construction data. It has the consistent functionality of 4D models.

5D modeling has its unique feature – data that is related to financial analysis. By putting these three significant facets together, specialists can explore the impact of design characteristics on general cost. Data centralization is important for smart budget planning and optimized cooperation with project sides on all levels.

Benefits of 5D BIM

  • quality collaboration;
  • accurate cost calculation, resources planning;
  • automatic software updates;
  • optimized procurement of required materials.


Cost planning in real-time

Online cooperation in BIM provides the access to real-time planning. Due to centralized data storage, every change within a certain sector will be available for all the other parties. Such an approach will prevent any data loss and misappropriation of funds.

Quantity evaluation

The most complicated construction task is to get a quality budget estimate. Getting an accurate estimate is not that easy.

Once the cost is attached to the real elements, 5D model BIM makes it easier to calculate the estimation via quantity features. Once you figure out the actual material needs, it’s possible to get an accurate pre-cost estimate.

Trade control

Besides the financial aspects, the construction process requires trade verification. Everything should meet the requirements. There are certain restrictions about types of materials and spheres of use – it’s important to meet them in order to create a project without any discrepancies.

Value engineering

Value engineering requires selecting the material base and ways to reduce the general costs together with security and efficiency. If you’re using BIM for cost and functional calculations at the same time, you’ll be able to maintain the balance between them. Besides, BIM is a suitable solution if it’s necessary to work on the design and control the financial criteria.

Among other essential BIM, elements are visualization and extractions counting.

Prefabrication planning

If some elements can be built within the site area, others are assembled on third-party enterprises for further transportation to the object.

The prefabrication requires accurate planning of spatial, price and time means. It’s familiar to each construction manager.

Those three parts are the key 5D BIM components. If you prepare prefabrication procedures using BIM, it will be much easier to save time and reduce the overall costs.

The areas that can include the prefabrication process are:

  • room equipment;
  • MEP constructions;
  • individual elements with structural or architectural functions.

To order 5D BIM modeling services or ask any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our specialist.