Building Information Modeling 6D

Building Information Modeling is a powerful technology that serves the construction process on all levels – from project creating to tasks implementation and management operations. The principle of 6D BIM is increasing the number of dimensions for developing an accurate digital model.

6D intelligent model allows increasing the quality of facility management. The PMtech Group offers 6D BIM services.


6D BIM modeling provides the following benefits:

  1. Efficient management. The BIM technique is the number one tool for facility managers as it helps to operate all the construction elements.
  2. Power efficiency. We figure out the irrational energy spending to set the power and energy-saving system. It’s a good option for cost.
  3. Saving money. 6D helps to avoid various unnecessary spending required for operations within a traditional management system.


6D BIM services is a list of comprehensive solutions.

EAM (energy analysis models)

They are necessary when the energy system project is created for the whole building.

The principle of EAM is creating the general object layout for its further evaluation from the point of view of the computational system. The main goal is to provide a smart heat distribution.

We offer a new approach that makes it possible to get an EAM from Revit object data in an automatic way. Then, we use Revit Autodesk for developing an environmentally friendly energy system with high performance.

When it comes to data collection, Revit has no competitors. We use it to get details concerning the general energy use in perspective and ways of energy resources renovation.

All the building parts are visualized in Revit. Thus, when the model is created, the program automatically saves the characteristics and other material properties. As the model is ready, Revit already has the information that is required for creating the energy plan.

ESM (energy simulation modeling)

Our skillful engineers use 6D BIM to analyze power consumption. Afterward, one can get carbon mark reduction and general efficiency increasing. Technical experience helps us to make an accurate analysis using a digital model.

SM (sustainability modeling)

Revit Autodesk is also used for getting a sustainable solution that would be able to provide effective heat and power management. We do all the necessary tasks to create an ecological structure. If you order 6D services in PMtech Group, you’ll get an absolutely sustainable model.

Information Support for Facility Managers

You can get any extra information if it’s necessary for facility management purposes. We offer manual guides on installation procedures, setting instructions, recommendations on maintenance, etc. You can store diagnostic data in addition to the 6D model as well.

Our Priorities

PMtech Group guarantees that all the processes are transparent and clear. Cost calculations are pointed out in detailed reports. We can provide you with a consistent plan so that you will understand the general idea.

Stages of cooperation:

  1. We contact the client to get the insights and requirements on the services.
  2. We collect the information to start the modeling procedure.
  3. We hand over the project plan to the profile BIM specialists.
  4. We prepare the contract. You read it, if there are no issues, we confirm it.
  5. We evaluate the process to guarantee accuracy.
  6. We make the corrections if it’s needed.
  7. We ensure compliance and sign the project.