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Industrial Facility

Industrial building design is about creating functional spaces for your business. Industrial spaces may need room for equipment, office space for staff, and storage space for inventory.  Industrial building design involves meeting current needs while also planning for future growth. As engineering consultants, we can help you with designing the right structural, mechanical and electrical systems for your building.


Social Building

Designed by PMtech Engineering, Building on the social and housing projects could not be undertaken without a detailed analysis of the community, cultural, economic, urban and architectural expectations. It should avoid the existing failures linked to past developments that don’t consider the potential landscape and its appropriation by residents. The proposal gives a new identity to the neighborhood while integrating this diversity currently missing at all scales of the project.


Civil Facility

Our civil engineers design, build and construct projects and systems in the public and private sectors, including roads, buildings, airports, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. Civil engineers inspect projects to insure regulatory compliance.  Engineers provide the bridge between science and society. In this role, engineers help actively promote and participate in multidisciplinary teams with other professionals,  work with the communities served and affected to effectively address the issues and challenges of sustainable development.


Commercial building

Digital technologies in commercial design increase the efficiency of interaction between all participants in the construction process. Comprehensive solutions for automating design processes and collaboration using BIM technologies make it possible to accumulate data, quickly exchange it and make informed decisions. Thanks to a combination of modern IT developments and proven methodologies, tailored to the needs of the client, timelines are reduced, risks and costs are reduced, and productivity is increased.


Timber and CLT buildings

Cross-laminated timber can be used for floor slabs, roof slabs and wall panels. Timber structures design residential building is a processed wood product with superior strength and stability, which offers new unique opportunities and unprecedented advantages in wood construction.