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Jan 14, 2022
Posted by Maria Begouleva

Eco-friendly, or ecological, construction is building a structure that is beneficial or non-harmful to the environment, and resource efficient. Otherwise, known as green building, this type of construction is efficient in its use of local and renewable materials, and in the energy required to build it, and the energy generated while being within it.
A good example is modular construction, since the advantages include: increasing efficiency on site, increasing productivity, improving safety and reducing construction costs.

How to determine how environmentally friendly the construction was?

Pay attention to the features:
– The varied use of solar panels for domestic hot water heating
– Water conservation, possibly including biological waste water treatment and re-use, and the simple collection and recycling of rainwater for garden use
– Cellulose insulation
– Non-toxic or lead-free paints and wood preservatives
– Locally grown and harvested timber from sustainably managed forests

If at least one item matches, then you are on the right track. We can say with confidence that your approach to the construction and use of buildings can be called environmentally friendly.

In the carousel, you can see the eco-friendly benefits of modular design. And, of course, we never stop reminding you that BIM is the most environmentally friendly construction technology, and it’s easy to start using it you are on the PMtech company page.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group