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Jan 14, 2022
Posted by Maria Begouleva

Timber is a material that rapidly becoming popular. Over the past years, ecology and «green» houses were taken over in construction. It is not surprising that such a material as timber has become the basis for the development of ecology construction.

In 2020 PMtech Group began to develop the design direction from such a material as CLT. We noticed the prospects of this material because of pleasant appearance and the strength of the structure, which making the construction of entire buildings from timber a reality.

The core of the CLT design is that layers of timber glued together, with the grain alternating at 90 degree angles for each layer. This production technology makes possible to obtain a durable building material resistant to deformation and fire.

While CLT is a timber product, it actually has similar characteristics to concrete panels. Cross-laminated timber is an ideal sustainable alternative to concrete and steel.

Main advantages of CLT design:

  • light structures;
  • easy assembly without special equipment;
  • no form work or time for curing.

Using CLT technology we have developed projects for residential buildings, community centers and commercial facilities.

Designing timber structures, our specialists are take into account the properties of the material, experience of use, natural conditions of the regions, modern tools and technologies in construction, experience of maintaining finished buildings. And also follow the design standards, including the norms of the European Union (Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures).

The development of the project includes the following stages:

  1. Study of the initial data.
  2. Exquisite work.
  3. Choice of design solutions.
  4. Design of the project. Visualization of the spatial 3D model of the building and development of working drawings.
  5. Coordination of the project and obtaining the necessary construction expert opinions.

Our services based on three main approaches: innovation, cooperation with manufacturing plants (timber and CLT companies), the best design solutions.

PMtech Group offers you:

  • Expertise in timber, static, fire and seismic design.
  • Carefully optimized design solutions.
  • Meeting customer expectations and requirements, structural design report.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group