How do we work with precast concrete manufacturers?

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Dec 12, 2022
Posted by Maria Begouleva

Emphatically, two types of clients approach our PMtech Group company for the design of precast concrete elements:
– Large factories that already have a well-established design-manufacture-delivery environment for precast products using high-precision digital tools
– Companies that are just switching to the digitalization of their production.

How can we be useful to companies?
PMtech Group is fully integrated into your environment and rules. Our engineering team analyzes your design and manufacturing requirements.
In this case, a special guide and instructions for engineers are prepared with the accepted numbering system, reinforcement brands, standards (SS EN, LT EN, etc.), shapes, diameters, rules for modeling reinforcement and meshes, lifting and transportation used hinges, a complete range of products and materials needed for production.

Eventually, depending on the platform on which the customer’s internal environment is built. It can be Tekla Structures with Trimble Connect (or a SharePoint project) or Autodesk Revit with BIM360, the initial conditions are agreed.

Further development is carried out in a single environment with the customer and his engineering team.
This approach allows information to be tracked to reduce guesswork and data loss. For precast or cast-in-place concrete contractors, this means reduced risk and rework throughout the life of the project. Equally, the opportunity to significantly increase productivity in the office and in the field with better, more coordinated, and more timely information.




Our experienced 3D rebar detailers provide efficient reinforcement modeling in 3D to help contractors achieve a construction-ready level of accuracy (LOD 400) and information-rich detailed rebar design and documents for high-rise buildings, schools, business centers, oil & gas and refinery plants.
Additionally, еransfer data to production teams and share information between project stakeholders using Tekla Model Sharing and Trimble Tekla Connect, ultimately resulting in savings throughout the project lifecycle.

Certainly, in the process of work, we try to increase the efficiency of the software used through our developments, plug-ins and automated components for Revit Autodesk, Tekla Structures, and Navisworks.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group