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Jan 24, 2023
Posted by Maria Begouleva



The key to our customers is the economic efficiency, quality and functionality of a wooden building. The PMtech Engineering team provides all these components with a comprehensive technical project to ensure the quality and durability of the wooden structure.

Building design based on XLAM panels.

A team of our own experienced engineers develops solutions for an ecological and comfortable lifestyle.

PMtech provided structural design, fire, acoustic and concrete services for the ground-breaking project.

The detailed report on structural calculations with calibration, optimization, analysis and static verification of wood and metal elements and their relationships, as well as seismic behaviour, helps us to achieve such results.

To discuss structural construction details (including roofs) using XLAM panels, please email info@pmtech-group.com




We used 3D CONSTRUCTION DESIGN using CAD/CAM to work with the client’s installation.

This type of work includes: sharing with the client and designing all the details (window and door openings at the exact dimensions of each level).

If you are interested in a similar project, you would like to find out the approximate price according to your settings and get a free consultation:  +372 5333 9738

PMtech Engineering design experts will respond and prepare calculations upon request.

A team of in-house engineers with practical experience in creating 3D models in the wood construction sector and optimizing complex building structures will work on your project.

Get the calculation by e-mailing info@pmtech-group.com.

Our specialists prepare 3D drawings of each individual wooden and metal element of the supporting structure.

The design will specify how any treatment required by the construction project will be applied to each wooden element.  
Our design team:
* checking the coherence between structural and 3D design,
* geometric optimization of XLAM elements,
* implementing 3D views with panel numbering,
* and will also create assembly drawings, equipment lists and drawings for steel carpentry products.




Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group