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General BIM services


We create reliable AEC digital data, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methodology and use project value by using BIM technology as a foundation of sustainability for our Clients.

Our BIM standards and management services include:

– Building Information Modelling guided by ISO 19650 principles.
– CDE (Common Data Environment) according to PAS 1192.
– BIM Execution/Management planning.
– 3D modelling for real time visualisation.
– BIM Model federation for team coordination and collaboration.
– BIM coordination.
– Clash detection review and reporting.
– 6D Modelling with Asset Integration.
– Visual rendering of 3D services models.
– Point cloud modelling (scan to BIM).

Precast Concrete Design

Explore our Precast Concrete BIM solution in Tekla Structures or Autodesk Revit.

Tekla Structures, Revit Autodesk are a BIM software enables our company to 3D design for precast concrete production:
– one- two- three- layers walls, sandwich walls
– balcony, columns and beams, slabs, stairs, and over elements;
– insert connection details;
– place fittings;
– generate WSD and general arrangement (workshop drawings).

PMtech Engineering works in the area between BIM and manufacturing, with the need to take low-detail architectural drawings and create detailed manufacturing models and CNC codes.

Design and calculation of structures is performed using a combination of software product Dlubal RFEM or RSTAB, Idea Statica, etc.

Scan to BIM

Whether you want to renovate an old building, check the structure of a building, or create a digital twin of your building for maintenance, laser scanning will help you with that. The data extracted from the 3D laser scanner is displayed as a point cloud with precise 3D coordinates.

We offer the following services in Alberta (Canada):
– laser scanning consulting (processing of point clouds data, BIM modeling using by Point Cloud data, Recap services),
– laser scanning equipment (Leica P50, P40, RTC360 and Faro),
– laser scanning software (TrueView Leica, Cyclone, and ect.).

Structural design

We specialize in providing structural design solutions in the North America regions: Canada, USA.
1. Structural analysis & design;
2. Building component design and analysis;
3. Framing and foundation design;
4. Structural drafting and BIM Modeling (3D) using Tekla Structures & Revit;
5. Structural analysis using Dlubal RFEM, StruSoft finite element software;
6. Precast concrete, cast-in-situ concrete, tilt-up concrete construction;
– Precast Elements design,
– WSD preparation (Steel, Concrete, CLT, Timber & Glulam Structures).

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