Another development of an internal office project for 2000 people in PMtech Group

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Dec 5, 2023
Posted by Maria Begouleva


As part of an internal project in PMTECH GROUP, another office concept for 2000 people was developed, closely integrating technical aspects to ensure functionality and efficiency.

Project Technical Description.

🏢 The project comprises a 16-storey office building with a multi-level cascading roof providing a stepped structure for efficient spatial planning (see Fig.1,2).

Implementing advanced smart building systems, the engineer automated lighting, heating and air conditioning, and security systems using advanced biometrics and video surveillance technologies.

In line with trends in technical engineering, a green office concept was introduced, optimizing energy consumption and incorporating renewable источники⚡️ energy.

🌳 The inner courtyard is equipped with transition bridges, recreation areas and green spaces, creating a unique multi-level space (see Fig.4).

🏞️ The working office is surrounded by a small park, mini-cabins for quiet work in the lap of nature, an area for events and forums (see Fig. 6).
💡 Office lighting is maximized by a facade metal canopy with vertical elements that let in natural light.

🌬️ Continuous through-holes two stories high provide natural light and fresh air flow into the building.

🔄 Efficient functional zoning of spaces includes entrance areas, office spaces, administration, recreation areas, technical rooms (see Fig.5).

🌐 All elements of the project combine technology and convenience, creating an innovative and pleasant working environment for 2,000 people.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group

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