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Oct 10, 2023
Posted by Maria Begouleva


At the exhibition dedicated to energy efficiency and responsible resource usage, Project manager Serge Latyshau from PMtech Engineering highlighted some interesting facts. 👍🏼

The speakers paid special attention to solar energy and its optimal utilization, as well as infrastructure for electric vehicles.

💨One of the highlights that stuck with Sergey was the “Forum Solarstrom, Speicher und Elektromobilität,” where Basil Gallmann from the canton of 📍Zurich discussed the development program for electric vehicle infrastructure. This illustrates the importance of electric vehicles in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as shown by the chart for the canton of Zurich.

🚗It was also impressive that 100,000 electric vehicles in 📍Switzerland in 2022 replaced 100 million liters of gasoline and diesel, indicating significant ecological benefits.

☀️An interesting point is related to the of a solar system for a private home and its payback in 13 years. This makes solar energy an attractive investment.

The exhibition beautifully illustrates how the pursuit of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources are becoming a key aspect of our future.

Link to the exhibition:

PMtech Group thanks our partners and organizers for the invaluable information that has become the foundation for contemplation and application in our work!


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group

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