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Nov 15, 2023
Posted by Maria Begouleva


This project entailed the conversion of an existing warehouse and office building into a critical data center for a renowned provider of gold LEED gold standard neutral data centers. PMtech Group was selected as the primary contractor for the design and construction of the engineering and HVAC systems.

Our work included:
– BIM coordination (BIM360, Navisworks, Autodesk Construction Cloud),
– BIM modeling of all water, gas, HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems (Revit Autodesk)- Implementation of a BIM LOD 500 model for O&M services for a digital twin based on laser scanning during construction (Leica Scanner, ReCap Autodesk)PMtech acted as the main project model coordinator and created a central federated model (Autodesk Construction Cloud) This facilitated efficient collaboration between the client and all trades throughout the project.

PMtech releases an updated federated BIM model on a daily basis, with stakeholders having real-time access to the BIM model. This federated model was developed during the design phase and continued through to project completion.
Utilizing BIM and efficient prefabricated and modular construction techniques, the mechanical and electrical construction phase was completed in less than 15 weeks.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group

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