Elevate Your Design and Manufacturing Game with Autodesk Fusion!

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Feb 8, 2023
Posted by Maria Begouleva


Engineers share valuable tips for maximizing this cutting-edge platform💪

✅Connect Your Data Seamlessly.

Integrate data effortlessly across your design and manufacturing processes. This interconnected environment ensures a smooth workflow.

✅Collaborate in Real-Time.

Break down barriers with collaborative design tools. Work together in real-time to breathe life into collective visions and enhance team synergy.

✅Navigate End-to-End Manufacturing.

From concept to production, leverage Autodesk Fusion’s comprehensive suite for efficient and precise control at every stage of manufacturing.

✅Unleash Prototyping Power.

Dive into advanced prototyping features that facilitate quick iterations, concept testing, and design refinement. Our engineers swear by its empowerment.

✅Harness Data for Decisions.

Make informed decisions by leveraging analytics and insights derived from connected data. Optimize workflows and drive continuous improvement with data-driven precision.

✅Anytime, Anywhere Access.

Seamlessly access your projects across devices and platforms. Our engineers love the flexibility and ease of collaboration, no matter where the team is located.

✅Stay Ahead with Future-Ready Innovation.

Keep your edge with Autodesk Fusion’s commitment to innovation. Equip yourself to tackle tomorrow’s challenges confidently.

🌐 Ready to explore endless possibilities? The future of design and manufacturing is now, thanks to Autodesk Fusion.

Dive into a more interconnected and collaborative era!


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group

PMtech Engineering can generate CNC data to control automated machinery for fabrication directly from the 3D model Tekla Structures.

June 23, 2023

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a method of automated equipment control used in manufacturing, including milling machines, lathes, laser cutters, and other types of machines.

PMtech Engineering’s scope of work with digital building design. Level 1.

June 21, 2023

Generate output lists by providing intelligent attributes along with 3D information.
Generate quantity lists and bills of materials for all elements.Determine space states.

CO2-optimization of reinforced concrete frames by simulated annealing

June 6, 2023

In our projects we are strongly committed to the values of sustainable development and environmental policy in all our projects. From early stage consultations to CO2 optimization.