Our visit to the Digital BAU 2024 exhibition in Cologne

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Mar 20, 2024
Posted by Maria Begouleva


Proved to be an engaging immersion into the world of innovations and technological progress in the construction industry. Although the event is not large-scale and primarily aimed at German-speaking countries, it presented us with a vast array of solutions for automating various construction and design processes. We were impressed by the diversity of offerings aimed at improving efficiency and accuracy in task execution.
Particularly impressive was witnessing how technologies are being integrated into every aspect of construction, from design to completion. We saw innovative solutions for project management, visualization of architectural concepts, and even automation of routine tasks on the construction site. The opportunity to participate in an excavator control demonstration became an incredible adventure and reminded us of childhood dreams.
Digital BAU 2024 has become for us not only a source of new knowledge but also an inspiration for further technological research and development. We leave this exhibition with the feeling that the future of the construction industry will be bright and full of opportunities thanks to innovative technologies and automation.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group

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