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June 21, 2023
Posted by Maria Begouleva


PMtech Engineering’s scope of work with digital building design

Level 1. 3D Intelligent Information

– Generate output lists by providing intelligent attributes along with 3D information.

Generate quantity lists and bills of materials for all elements.
Determine space states.
Compile attribute lists for all elements, including qualities and specifications.
Integration of 3D Design

– Research and integrate technical disciplines by linking information to the 3D model. Update and supplement as per the technical requirements of the construction phase.

Test integration of objects from various techniques.
Identify clashes and bottlenecks during installation, both architectural and structural.
Record construction errors and propose potential solutions.
3D BIM and Design Coordination

– Coordinate and support different model holders in a collaborative project.

Develop BIM protocols and mutual working agreements.
Provide management and guidance.
Conduct on-the-job training.
3D Design System

– Analyze junctions based on the technical requirements of the construction phase.

Analyze construction methods and identify areas for improvement and optimization if necessary.
4D Process Control

– Visualize planning by linking it with architectural components and representing the progression over time.

Create 4D schedules.
Plan construction site layout and occupation over time.


Maria Begouleva
Director of Engineering (CTO), PMtech Group

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